Tuning Performance
-Dyno Tune with Power Commander or Bazzaz fuel controller $250

-ECU Flash and Dyno tune $425
(Please drop off with full tank of fuel for tuning)
-Engine Top End package Starting at only $1500+parts
 *Pre test on dyno
 *Engine removal
 *Cyl head porting/Decking
 *Newen Valve Job
 *Added compression
 *Cams degreed
 *Dyno Tune with before and after comparison
 ***Not Superstock legal with most race orgs


Maintenance Services
-Tire Changes on all types of wheels "static balanced"
-Suspension service/tuning and geometry setup
-Brake services Pads/Fluid flush/Rotor resurface
-Engine maintenance Valves/Trans/Clutches etc.
-Full Electrical diagnostics
-Gearing changes/Upgrades
-Full Detailing
-Fuel system maintenance

**We stock most common size sportbike tires and off road MX

Track Prep Services
-Before and after dyno tests
-Complete bike disassembly
-Remove all unnecessary parts/Weight Reduction
-Mod wire harness for changes/Remove excess
-Suspension upgrades
-Full safety wire for class regulation
-Chassis bearings checked lubed and torqued to spec
-Race bodywork Fitting/Paint
-Case cover protection installed
-Tank sliders for Yamaha/Ducati
-520 Gearing package
-Replace stock fuel cap
-Cooling system flushed and filled with class legal coolant
-Braided brake lines installed
-ECU Flash on select models or Fuel controller install

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